Nicole Kidman celebrated 17 years of marriage to Keith Urban, the father of her “miracle” children.

Nicole Kidman marked the 17th anniversary of her marriage to Keith Urban, who gave her the greatest gift of becoming a mother to their two children after failed efforts at having children with Tom Cruise.

Nicole Kidman’s high-profile divorce from Tom Cruise was played out openly on an international stage. However, she still refuses to divulge the complete specifics of what led up to the breakup.

The Oscar winner and Mission Impossible star met on the set of Days of Thunder when Cruise was still married to Mimi Rogers, whom he divorced in 1990.

Kidman and Cruise, the Hollywood power couple, married the same year. Kidman, who was 23 when they married, admits she was utterly overwhelmed by her love for the action star.

“He essentially swept me off my feet… And, as occurs when you fall in love, my entire plan for my life–I was like, “Forget it.” “This is it,” Kidman said of her romance with Top Gun star Tom Cruise. “I willingly became consumed by it.” I was desperate to have a child with him. I didn’t mind if we were married or not.”

The Hawaiian-born Australian and Cruise featured in a few films together, including Eyes Wide Shut (1999), Far and Away (1992), and Malice (1993), the latter of which told the narrative of a young couple trying to have children.

Off-screen, the seemingly happy married couple were also attempting to have children, something Kidman–who had two failed pregnancies with Cruise–said she desired more than a job.

“I’ve wanted to have children since Tom and I married…And we lost a baby early on, which was upsetting. “That’s when we decided to adopt Bella,” she explains in an interview.

“It has a complicated backstory, given that I never speak much about many things.” Maybe one day, the narrative will be shared. So that’s how it came up, and Bella was adopted when I was 25.”

Kidman and Cruise, a committed Scientologist, adopted Connor (1995) two years after Bella (born 1992).

The star of To Die For celebrated her tenth wedding anniversary with her Maverick husband and a handful of friends in December 2000.

“I thought our life together was picture-perfect,” she explained.

But her world shattered two months later when Cruise announced his breakup with no reason other than a terse, “Nic knows why.”

Kidman’s agents informed her that her career would be doomed if she worked with Cruise. “Once you become Mrs. Tom Cruise, you know your career is over.” “You’re going to shoot yourself in the foot,” she remembered being told.

They were correct, and divorcing Cruise was the finest thing she could have done.

The Golden Compass heroine received her first Oscar nomination for her performance in Moulin Rouge (2001) and her first Academy Award for 2002’s The Hours.

The stunning celebrity soon found her happily ever after with one of country music’s hottest performers, Keith Urban, at G’Day LA, an event celebrating Australians residing in America, in 2005.

“We were very, very quiet about it, and we managed to get through a long period without people knowing about us-which is pretty much our style still,” Kidman remarked of her and Urban’s early days.


The stunning couple announced their engagement at the 2006 Grammys and married in June. Four months after their wedding, the New Zealand-Australian country singer enrolled in the Betty Ford Clinic for a 90-day stay.

“Being in a relationship with someone in recovery has taught me a tremendous amount.” I’m more than willing to accompany him on his journey. “The two of us are very committed to our relationship,” she told Vanity Fair of their loving and supportive connection.

“We were in a very, very, very horrible, agonizing situation and managed to get through it…That’s all there is to it. Anything else would be excessive and redundant right now. And I think it jinxes things somehow, which is why I don’t talk about how much I love this man.”


Urban and Kidman are now in recovery and divide their time between Nashville, Tennessee, California, New York, and Australia.

Despite being warned that her chances of becoming pregnant were minimal, the couple welcomed their first “miracle” daughter Sunday Rose in 2006, only days after their second anniversary. Kidman was 40 years old at the time.

“Having my child has been a healing experience for me.” It took me a very long time to have a child. I am overwhelmed with thankfulness. Sunday has done a lot of good for me. “It’s a very personal thing, but she just has,” Kidman exclaimed.


The miracles kept coming for the couple, who got their second daughter, Faith Margaret, two years later, born via a gestational carrier in 2008.

Kidman and Urban, 55, recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary with a sensual Instagram selfie captioned “Happy anniversary, my love.”

Fans praised their love, writing, “Happy anniversary to a gorgeous pair! “I enjoy watching you two together,” and “You two are adorable! “Congratulations on your anniversary!”

On Father’s Day earlier this month, Kidman shared a sweet snapshot of Urban in a go-cart with their children. “Happy Father’s Day to the coolest dad there is!” reads the caption. Everyone loves you! Your ladies.”

The majority of fans chimed on with Father’s Day greetings, with some saying, “so sweet and very (hot),” and “so beautiful and precious.”

We are overjoyed that Nicole Kidman found her happily ever after with Keith Urban, who achieved her desire to start a family.


We admire them and wish them a pleased anniversary and many more to come!

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