Red State Requires “In God We Trust” To Be Displayed In All Public Schools

Louisiana Embraces National Motto in Public Classrooms

Steering Clear of Modern Classroom Ideologies

In a notable shift from modern classroom trends, another U.S. state aims to revert to traditional values in education. Some parents have expressed concern over teachers increasingly infusing personal beliefs and narratives into classroom decor. Louisiana has responded to this by integrating a foundational element of American identity into its education system.

Transitioning from modern ideologies to embrace traditional values.”

“In God We Trust”: The Core of Every Classroom

Louisiana has recently mandated that the U.S. national motto, “In God We Trust,” be displayed in every public classroom. Implemented through HB 8, the regulation has been timely rolled out ahead of the upcoming academic year. For many, this is a welcome recalibration in public education.

The legislation demands all public school classrooms to prominently feature the national motto. In addition to ensuring the display of these words, the state has clearly defined the presentation criteria.

Without established standards, there’s a possibility that educators may downplay the motto’s visibility just to meet the minimum requirements. But Louisiana’s clear guidelines prevent such potential dilution:

“The motto shall be the main highlight, printed in a large, easily readable font on a poster or framed document measuring at least eleven by fourteen inches.”

Funding the Display: Keeping Public Funds Intact

Anticipating potential criticisms over school funds allocation, the legislation explicitly states that funds set aside for school budgets won’t be used for this purpose. Instead, the financing or provision of these displays can be undertaken by external parties, including church groups, local citizens, or other supportive entities.

Surprisingly, the bill, reflective of a conservative sentiment, was signed in June by Louisiana’s Democratic Governor, John Bel Edwards. This action symbolizes the broader acknowledgment of the nation’s foundational values, irrespective of party lines.

Louisiana Joins a Growing Movement

With this decision, Louisiana aligns itself with states like Florida, Arkansas, South Dakota, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Texas, all of whom have embraced similar regulations recently.

The display of the national motto has stirred debates, with critics suggesting that its official use by the U.S. could marginalize citizens of different beliefs. However, with a significant portion of Americans associating with a religion and the nation’s roots deeply embedded in religious freedom, exhibiting the national motto in public spheres seems far from controversial.

Moreover, the ubiquity of “In God We Trust” on American currency, which is universally accepted without qualms, further supports the argument for its public display.

“A nation built on religious freedom reverberating its core values.”


While the display of the national motto might seem like a subtle gesture, it reflects a broader sentiment. Louisiana’s decision, coupled with similar moves by other states, emphasizes the gradual shift toward reintroducing traditional values into the public domain. As the nation undergoes transformations, returning to foundational elements can be seen as a way of preserving its core identity.


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